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AR Lower & Upper Tension Screw - SAVAGE
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Have a loose fit between your upper and lower on your Savage Modern Sporting Rifle? This tension screw can take the annoying wobble out of your Savage AR type rifle and gives you a more solid platform. The nylon tipped tension screw allows the shooter to fine tune the upper and lower fit of their Savage AR15 and AR10 style rifles. This tension screw will only work on Savage Arms lowers that have been drilled and tapped for a tension screw to be added. To find out if your lower has the hole, simply push out the rear takedown pin and inspect the lower for the hole (see photos).

Savage makes lowers with two (2) different screw sizes. If you purchased a complete rifle, you most likely have the small diameter screw. If you purchased a stripped lower, you most likely have the large diameter screw. You can find out what diameter screw you have by taking the grip screw and attempting to screw it into the hole for the tension screw. If the grip screw appears to be the same size as the tension hole, you need the larger diameter screw (the thread pattern is different on the grip screw - DO NOT FORCE IT INTO THE TENSION HOLE). If the grip screw is larger than the hole, you need the small diameter screw.

This screw only works on Savage Lowers. If you have another brand of lower click HERE

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Installation Instructions RESTRICTIONS

1. Remove the grip screw and lock washer from the grip of your rifle. Remove the grip. Mind the spring and detent for the safety as they may bounce out as you remove the grip completely.

2. Using a 3/32" Hex wrench, screw in the tension screw from the hole exposed by removing the grip.

3. With the upper and lower installed, place enough tension on the screw to allow for a snug fit between the upper and lower. Too much tension may cause the upper and lower to be too tight making it difficult to push the rear detent pin.

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