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Walther PPQ 22 Reduced Power Recoil Spring
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Having issues cycling low power "bulk" 22 ammo? Using a reduced power recoil spring may help alleviate the problem. The factory recoil spring in the Walther PPQ-22 is approximately 4 pounds. Our reduced power recoil spring is approximately 3.3 pounds. The reduction in spring weight may help your pistol cycle lower power ammo for more reliable function. The ammo has to overcome the tension of the recoil and striker/hammer springs in the gun. Reducing the tension on the springs may help with reliability. There is no guarantee that changing to a lighter recoil spring will solve the problem 100% since the ammo still has to over come the spring tension of the striker/hammer spring. But this is a low cost, simple method that may work for your gun and ammo.

Keep in mind this is a new spring and therefore it has not yet "set" or been compressed yet. So the first time you install it may seem too long but it is the correct length and will become shorter after being compressed. See the installation instructions for a tip to install new recoil springs in Walther type 22LR pistols.

MSRP: $8.95
Our Price: $5.25
Sale Price: $3.25
Savings: $5.70

Shipping: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days

Installation Instructions RESTRICTIONS

1) Pull down the takedown catch

2) pull back the slide all the way to the rear and pull up the back side of the slide.

3) While holding the rear section of the slide up allow the side to move forward and come off the frame.

4) Remove the old recoil spring.

5) Install the new recoil spring and reverse steps 1-4. Using a rod the diameter of the internal diameter of the spring will aid in guiding the spring onto the guide rod while assembling the gun. (See the photos below).

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