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Mosin Nagant 91/30, M44, M38, Trigger Return Spring Kit

Mosin Nagant Trigger Return Spring Kit installation guide

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If you own one of the many imported Mosin Nagant rifle & carbine variations, chances are you are experiencing a "floppy trigger". Just like low testosterone there is a cure for this flaccid condition except less embarrassing. The solution is a simple low cost TRIGGER RETURN SPRING KIT installed on the trigger pin. The procedure is easy assuming you can field strip / dis-assemble your rifle and put it back together.

The Mosin Nagant trigger return spring kit eliminates the loose floppy trigger found in these surplus rifles by adding tension to the trigger in its return state. This kit requires no permanent modifications to the weapon and can be removed as easily as it is installed. More more detailed instruction in installation visit http://www.mosintriggerspring.com

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Installation Instructions RESTRICTIONS
Visit www.MosinTriggerSpring.com for more detailed instructions

1) With rifle unloaded, remove the bolt by opening the bolt and pull to rear with trigger depressed.

2) If present, remove cleaning rod by unscrewing.
3) Depress and slide off both barrel bands towards the muzzle.
4) Once the barrel bands are off, you can remove the top hand guard.
5) Remove the screw on the underside of the rifle just in front of the magazine and the screw on top at the rear of the receiver.
6) Remove the magazine and trigger guard.
7) Remove the barreled receiver from the wooden stock.
8) Remove the screw in front of the trigger. If yours is tight, heat may be needed to break it free.
9) Remove the trigger pin. Depending on your rifle, this pin may only go in/out in one direction. Remove the trigger and sear.
10) Install the curved washer.
11) Place the sear and trigger in place and re-install the screw.
12) Take the included fishing line and loop it through the spring.
13) Install trigger pin halfway through the receiver and trigger leaving room for the spring. Snake the two ends of the fishing line through the trigger from front to rear and pull the spring through until you can push the trigger pin into place through the spring. Discard the fishing line.

Mosin Nagant Trigger Return Spring Installation Instructions

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